Before getting into the topic, I just want you all to know that this process is not the only way to deliver sessions using Github. I’m sure that there are quite lot of other faculties who are taking their teaching - learning process in a different way using Github. I’m sharing this, so that other faculty friends could use this, if they find it useful.

I have to admit that after using Github classroom for a while now, I was able to concentrate much on the discussion of the topics & clearing students doubts rather than on the distribution and collection of assignments from students.

Here is the teaching-learning-evaluation process numbered from 1 to 10, which I follow for my Full Stack Development - Training batch with screenshots to make you understand easily:

  • Team Creation in Github Organization Account

Go to your organization

team creation

Create a team in your Github Organization account.

team creation

Enroll Students

  • Enroll Students

Add Student members in it

Enroll Students

  • Add Teaching Materials before Session Delivery

Add the repos to the team repositories with needed files to deliver the session before every session.

Add Repos

  • Students Clone the Materials to follow the session

Students will then clone the repos to do hands-on and to follow all along the session.

Cloning Repos

  • Create new classroom and Distribute Assignment

Create new classroom in

Classroom Creation

Create Individual Assignment for every assignment

Assignment Creation

and share the classroom assignment link via team discussion forum in GitHub

Assignment Distribution

  • Assignment Submission

Students complete their assignments and submit the assignments by pushing their assignments to the created assignment repos

Assignment Collection

  • Peer Evaluation Order

Post the Random mapping order for every assignment,Generated using R-Script for adding collaborators to each of their repos in the GitHub Team Discussions forum, so that the collaborator(student peer) can read the repository and evaluate the code in it.

Peer Evaluation Order

  • Peer evaluation score entry

The evaluation score is updated via Google form, the link of which again was already posted through GitHub Team Discussions forum

Peer Evaluation

  • Peer Evaluation Feedback

The students who evaluated their peer assignment, share the feedback to their peers via Team Discussions Forum

Peer Feedback

  • Assignment Report Generation

Generate the assignment analysis report through the excel downloaded from google form using R or Python of your choice.

Final Report

I’ve described the teaching-learning-evaluation process using GitHub for two reasons:

  • May be the listed process can be useful to other Educators.
  • To get inputs / ways to improve this process further.

Any feedback on this process is appreciated !!!